10 Year U.S. Yield – Know this Number

The following TNX (10 yr U.S. T-Yield) chart and comments are from Sunday’s SB Swing Update (published for members on 1/6).  This TNX chart is one of the more important charts to keep tabs on early in in the new year.



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10 Yr. U.S. T-Yield (TNX) Weekly

1/6 – The 10 year U.S. T-Yield supports additional downside in risk.  Remember when it was a foregone conclusion that yields were heading higher?  The presence of the trendline from 1981 and universal agreement on rates suggested we take the other side (wrote about that here).  The 25 line of the bullish fork is about 2.45 (line identified the September 2017 low…see arrow).  A low in TNX will coincide with a low (importance unknown) in ‘risk’.

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