EURUSD Low and Looming Volatility Breakout

Navigating the FX market in 2019 hasn’t been easy.  It never is but this year has been especially difficult.  Record low volatility (EURUSD in particular) is the main culprit.  It’s tough to extract profits as an outright trader when price changes are minimal!  For example, it’s mid-October and the EURUSD range so far this year […]

Midweek Strategy Webinar: 9/12/2019

DXY 1998 = 2019? Rare EURUSD reversal conditions met Important levels to know for SPX MUCH more I opened up the Midweek Strategy Webinar to the public this week and plan on doing so once a month.  This week’s webinar started with the following chart. DXY 1997-1998 (top) and DXY Now This chart is from […]

SB Trade Desk: Chart of the Week (USDSEK and DXY)

I wanted to share what I think is one of the more important long term FX observations (massive non-confirmation between USDSEK and DXY).  The chart and comments below first appeared in the 8/21 SB Swing Update.  If you like what you see and think that the information could help in your trading process, then consider […]

SB Trade Desk: August F.A.C.E Interview Archive

This morning, I was Dale Pinkert’s F.A.C.E Webinar guest.  We reviewed my bullish TLT and bearish USDJPY calls from the May interview and looked at where we may be headed next.  Check it out!

SB Trade Desk: Recent Analysis Examples

It’s been an interesting week.  The following are analysis examples from the past 5 days…

COT: Corn and Cotton Opposite Ownership Profiles

The COT report is published each week and includes observations on charts of markets that exhibit interesting ownership characteristics and/or changes in ownership characteristics. This week’s update includes observations on corn and cotton.

SB Trade Desk: FX Range Expansion Underway

A little less than a month ago, I warned that FX volatility was extremely low and that extremely low readings give way to periods of range expansion (trends). 

SB Trade Desk: USD and SPX Down Together in June?

June is historically on the weaker side for both the U.S. Dollar and SPX.  The table below displays basic statistics for major USD crosses and SPX

SB Trade Desk: Extreme FX Low Volatility Warning!

The following charts objectify the trendless state and low volatility in FX markets and convey the extreme nature of the situation.  I talked about these charts towards the end of today’s webinar.  Think about these charts as indicating extreme range contraction.  Extreme range contraction gives way to trends and eventually extreme range expansion (trends). @JamieSaettele […]

SB Trade Desk: Jamie Saettele F.A.C.E Interview

This morning, I was Dale Pinkert’s F.A.C.E Webinar guest.  We spent a good deal of time discussing USDCNH and USDJPY but also looked at TLT and QQQ.  It’s always a pleasure speaking with Dale and I can’t wait until our next discussion! USDCNH discussion USDJPY short term and long term TLT and QQQ views Membership […]