COT: Coffee Spill

This week’s update includes observations on Coffee.

SB Trade Desk: Analyzing USD Sentiment

SB trades markets (including USD pairs) from a technical standpoint but that doesn’t mean we don’t read news.  In fact, SB scans newspapers and financial headlines all the time! 

COT: Platinum is a Crowded Short

This week’s update includes observations on the New Zealand Dollar, Platinum, and Soybeans. Watch for lows in all 3 markets.

FACE Interview with Jamie Saettele: 6/27/2018

The following is the FACE interview with Jamie Saettele from 6/27.  The analysis focuses on EURUSD and the U.S. bond market. FACE Interview 6/27/2018 For more insights, including analysis of intraday, daily, weekly and monthly charts, member only webinars, Twitter updates, and trade plans, then join the SB community (click here for more).

SB Trade Desk Public Strategy Webinar: 6/19/2017

Key levels in DXY, major USD crosses and analysis of U.S. indices, the long bond, crude oil, and gold.

COT: Record Ownership Profile in Copper

Copper may have made an important top last week and is at risk of a sharp drop.

USD: Big Test for the Dollar (DXY)

I wanted to share this DXY (U.S. Dollar Index) chart with everyone.  Simply, the DXY The USD (DXY) rally faces a huge test of technical resistance and could reverse in the days ahead. Here are the levels that matter heading into the June open.

COT: Record Ownership Profile in RBOB Gasoline

This week’s update includes observations on RBOB Gasoline, and Lean Hogs.

COT: New Zealand Dollar Sold Out?

The 4 week change in New Zealand Dollars is extreme. This tends to indicate capitulation and therefore risk of a price low and/or pause in weakness.  

COT: Specs Get Whipsawed in Silver Market

This week’s update includes observations on Silver and Soybean Meal.