SB Trade Desk Highlights: 7/1/2021

The USD continues to rip.  Below are several analysis/trade examples from the last 2 weeks.  FX is trading very ‘technically’ right now so it’s a great time to join the SB community

SB Trade Desk Highlights: 6/20/2021

Previous week highlights from the SB Swing Trade archives include observations BEFORE FOMC on BTCUSD, USDOLLAR, USDCAD, Copper, and ‘risk sentiment’.  Needless to say, market moves after FOMC weren’t a shock to SB Trade Desk.

SB Trade Desk Weekly Highlights: 6/8/2021

Previous week highlights from the SB Swing Trade archives include a MAJOR signal in lumber (and by extension NZDUSD…maybe), a daily GBPUSD signal, a clean Elliott wave pattern in BTCUSD, and an important test for copper! @JamieSaettele 6/8/2021

Bitcoin Implosion – NOT a Surprise

The Bitcoin crash is not a surprise.  The levels of stupidity that were recently reached were on display for all to see. 

NZDUSD Short Trade Explained – 5/4/2021

Late April / early May action in NZDUSD has been absolutely textbook in terms of ‘original slope’ trading.  Here’s how we followed it in real-time.

Inflation Trade Observations

The 30 year U.S. yield is one of the purest representations of the ‘inflation trade’.  The yield bottomed in March (along with everything else) right at the full extension from the channel that originates at the 1987 high.

Happy Holidays!

It’s the first official day of winter and I’m in a festive mood so I’m sharing today’s post with everyone! 

U.S. Dollar – Sentiment Check

Fast forward and sentiment towards the USD is extreme again (there’s a trade there too).  Here are a few observations.

Navigating Volatile Markets

I wanted to share some of the opportunities that we’ve shared with members over the past week so that you get an idea of how we’re approaching this new regime.

Stock Markets Follow Through on Monthly Reversals

These are scary times from a humanitarian standpoint due to the coronavirus pandemic.  At the same time, these are exciting times for active traders.  I’m not trying to minimize the human situation (I’ve been affected by the pandemic) but life does continue, social distancing or not.  At SB, we’re lucky because our ability to work […]