Bond Market Low?

The following TLT (long term U.S. bond market ETF) chart and comments are from a special report that was published for members on 10/13.  TLT traded to 111.90 last Friday (11/2) and gapped higher today (11/5).  An important low may be in place. 

COT: Speculators Start to Embrace Sugar and Coffee

The COT report is published each week and includes observations on charts of markets that exhibit interesting ownership characteristics and/or changes in ownership characteristics. This week’s update includes observations on crude oi, coffee, and sugar.

Major Markets Special Member’s Report

I spent most of this past weekend researching and writing about major markets.  The result was a special report for SB Trade Desk members.

COT: Precious Metals Positioning is the Most Extreme Ever

This week’s update includes observations on gold, silver, and platinum. Positioning in precious metals is extreme which indicates potential for a squeeze.

Metals and Coffee Ownership Profiles Warn of MAJOR Turn Potential

This week’s update includes observations on British Pounds, metals (gold and platinum), and coffee. These markets’s ownership profiles are extreme.

Watch the Latest Strategy Webinar Free

Each Wednesday (or Thursday but usually Wednesday), I host a live webinar for SB Trade Desk members.  The goal of the webinar is to shed light on the analysis and trades in the Swing Updates (written every day) and answer member’s questions.

Currency Ranges Remind of 2014 Conditions

A quiet currency market in July isn’t unusual but this July was unusually quiet.  The EURUSD monthly range was just 1.85%.

COT: Coffee Spill

This week’s update includes observations on Coffee.

SB Trade Desk: Analyzing USD Sentiment

SB trades markets (including USD pairs) from a technical standpoint but that doesn’t mean we don’t read news.  In fact, SB scans newspapers and financial headlines all the time! 

COT: Platinum is a Crowded Short

This week’s update includes observations on the New Zealand Dollar, Platinum, and Soybeans. Watch for lows in all 3 markets.