EidoSearch Walkthrough Webinar

EidoSearch co-founder David Kedmey and SB Trade Desk co-founder Jamie Saettele walk through the EidoSearch platform and discuss the technology behind this powerful tool as well as its previous applications to neuroscience & DNA sequencing. Learn how we use EidoSearch to quickly scan for ‘windows into directional opportunity’ in the forex market as well as helping traders anticipate the coming market state.

Wouldn’t you find it useful to know if the probabilities are stacked in favor of breakout or range strategies?  The %upside and %downside statistics in EidoSearch (specifically the spread between these figures) can help traders anticipate whether or not a range or breakout/trending approach is more appropriate moving forward.  EidoSearch provides the purest form of technical analysis, a 100% objective interpretation of market data.  Combine this powerful research with price level (horizontal and slope support/resistance methods) analysis practiced at SB Trade Desk in order to gain an edge in your trading.

Additional topics covered during the webinar include:

  • How to sort the universe of forex pairs based on number of pattern matches, average return for the pattern matches, and more.
  • Where to find in house research from EidoSearch on forex, stock indexes, individual stocks, and commodities.
  • How to  use the ‘Explore’ function, which allows the user to scan any sequence of price data within the forex universe in order to find historical pattern matches and return data for those pattern patches.
  • How to read the pattern match return histogram, understand pattern similarity scores, use the analog function, and more!


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