EidoSearch harnesses the power of pattern search technology to generate predictive analytics and profitable insights for traders. By quantifying the impact of price, economic and market trends – which allows projections of the most likely outcomes – we provide a historical backdrop to every trade and investment decision in seconds.

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Rankings Major Indicators, Market Movers & Best Longs/Shorts in Equities, Futures and Currencies
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Currency rankings, average returns and and percent upside/downside
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Custom Searches

Custom search specified parameters in price action to find previous instances & results
EidoSearch Custom Searches

Proprietary Market Research

Trade ideas, market updates & commentary from EidoSearch’s proprietary research team.

A critical new tool for CTA’s, Futures Traders and any research professional or asset manager investing in the pattern driven Futures and FX Markets, our technology allows traders to do powerful searches on current and historical trends, and to look across asset classes to project returns and rapidly answer critical questions that were essentially unanswerable in the past.

EidoSearch is a cutting edge, Toronto, Ontario based software company that applies advanced information processing techniques to make the world’s time series data searchable. Their customers include some of the largest financial firms in the world, that use our powerful software as a search and discovery tool for their traders, analysts and portfolio managers.

The firm was recognized as the top new start-up to watch by Backbone Magazine’s Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign in 2012, and a winner of the 2012 FinTech Innovation Lab in New York City.
Learn more about how we use EidoSearch in this Platform Walk Through Webinar archive.


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