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Recording of 8/22/2018 Midweek Strategy Webinar

Each Wednesday (or Thursday but usually Wednesday), I host a live webinar for SB Trade Desk members.  The goal of the webinar is to shed light on the analysis and trades in the Swing Updates (written every day) and answer member’s questions. I’ll be hosting a free webinar on Wednesday August 29th – sign up here).

Trading opportunities in FX and major commodities are the central focus of the ‘Midweek Strategy Webinar’ but no market is off limits.  For example, I discussed a possible historical template with AAPL in last week’s webinar.  Topics have included bitcoin, an African oil company, milk prices, iron ore prices, google trend searches, news headline word frequency, and a lot of seemingly odd subjects that make perfect sense to discuss in the context of trading and speculation.

This is the first time that a Midweek Strategy Webinar has been shared with non-members.  I’m sharing it because I believe that the U.S. Dollar is at an important juncture.  USD trend significantly influences the prices of commodities, global equity markets, and even U.S. multinationals.  For example, metals and emerging markets have been crushed since the USD bottomed earlier this year.  Whether you’re interested in analysis and actionable ideas in FX or you trade other markets and want a deeper understanding of trend and levels for the USD and other major currencies, I invite you to watch the latest Midweek Strategy Webinar.  If you find the content useful, then consider joining the SB community.

-Jamie Saettele



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